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 Join us as we discuss all things maker related.

EPISODE 005: I Suppose I Don't Need Sleep: Finding Space to Create

Makers feel best when they are able to create.  Reality is, life is busy and finding time and energy is usually a luxury.  Katie and Kristy talk finding the space in life to create, THREE WAYS TO MAGICALLY CREATE MORE TIME, and how to deal with the guilt of putting yourself first.  They interview ____________________ of ______________________ on ______________________.

EPISODE 004: Navigating the Handmade Show Part Three: Questions Answered

Katie and Kristy answer new maker questions on participating in Handmade Events, including "How much inventory should I bring?" Learn WHAT TO BRING TO A CRAFT SHOW (AND WHAT TO LEAVE AT HOME).  They interview _____________________ of ______________________ and hear her stories of her first shows.

EPISODE 003: Navigating the Handmade Show Part Two: You Got In! Now What?!

You applied to a show and got in! Congrats! Your work has just started. Katie and Kristy talk how to prep for your event, FIVE WAYS TO MAKE YOUR FIRST HANDMADE SHOW GREAT and share stories of their first shows (so you can learn from their mistakes!) 

EPISODE 002: Navigating the Handmade Show Part One: The Search

If you are a new maker, chances are you want to get into handmade events.  Katie and Kristy explain the different types of show, and talk where to find them, how to know if they are a "good" show and FIVE MISTAKES TO NOT MAKE WHEN APPLYING.  They will give you the inside scoop as to what show organizers are looking for when they jury a show.  They interview ________________  of __________________.


Katie & Kristy introduce themselves and their new collaboration, Grey Minnow Market.